marvin beats

Marvin Beats is a music producer from San Diego, CA. He has worked with numerous artists such as Drakeo the Ruler, Lil Maru, Moneysign Suede, OMB Peezy, as well as many famous celebrities such as Mikey Williams & The Minorities. He is also known to own one of the most popular recording studios in his city, Wavy Sound.


Trill Bans, born Marko Cervantes, is a Platinum Billboard charting producer from San Diego, CA. He started producing when he was 16 years old and has worked with numerous artists such as Lil Durk, Young Thug, Babyface Ray as well as made waves in the Florida scene working with Hotboii.


22Diegs began producing beats in San Diego, Ca at age 17 when he was still high school using FL Studio, he started producing beats for free and met most of his early artists through social media and mutual friends from High School, he also met new artist 22Gfay online whom he started perfecting his craft with, they very quickly realized they had an unbelievable chemistry together once they combined each of their music styles.